Giving girls in STEM some Monster Confidence

STEMETTES 'Monster Confidence' @ London  - ©Paparazzi VIP Photography

Since its conception in 2013, I have been a huge supporter and fan of the STEMettes, an organization of volunteers dedicated to show the next generation that girls do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) too!

On Thursday 19th October 2017, I was asked to deliver the keynote address at the Monster Confidence London event run in partnership by the STEMettes and job site

This presented a humbling opportunity to share a personal story of how my confidence has grown throughout my career and communicate a few of my top tips with the 300+ young females at the incredible event held in Stratford’s Olympic Village.

There is a general lack of knowledge to the endless opportunities available in STEM, it’s not something that girls are necessarily exposed to from an early age as a potential career choice. That’s why it’s important for those already in the industry to reach out and inspire the next generation of professionals. Show them that we are just as capable, driven and smart to make a genuine difference to the world. A few of the tips that I shared as part of my keynote address can be found below:

  • Confidence, it all begins somewhere
    For me my confidence began to grow when working part time, talking to customers and being out of my comfort zone
  • Know there is only one of you in the entire world!
    You are unique and the world needs YOU not an ‘engineered’ version of someone else
  • Own your own success, but don’t be afraid to ask for help
    Throughout my career, many have helped me on the climb – I’ve never been afraid to ask and they’ve never said no to helping
  • Confidence comes with Experience
    If you don’t put yourself out there you will never gain experience, what is the worst that could actually happen?
  • It’s not the questions I answered, it’s the questions I asked
    Confidence grows as you ask questions. Be inquisitive, be hungry for knowledge, there really is no such thing as a silly question. But you may feel silly for NOT asking.
  • Confidence breeds confidence
    Being surrounded by people who are confident has helped me to grow, to shine and to hopefully bring out the confidence in others.
  • Confidence doesn’t just come from within..
    External recognition can work wonders. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, even a simple acknowledgement can bring someone the world of confidence.
  • Moments that shape you & build your confidence
    In life there will be key moments that help to shape you, but you must be confident in your own skin, your abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses too!
  • Remember; Coffee in one hand, Confidence in the other


A massive shout out to the STEMettes for all that they do! They are always on the hunt for volunteers, speakers and STEM practioners so please do get involved in any way that you can!


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