The juggle is real and so is the mind talk

Pack their bags, Prep the meals,
Head to the shops, you’re out of bread.
Don’t be late, there’s chores to do,
Even though you’d rather be in bed.

He won’t brush his teeth, she’s teething again.
Its 5 in the morning, take a deep breath,
Don’t get frustrated, speak calmly instead,
Use every ounce of patience you have left.

Did I send that email?, no don’t check your phone, Remember you’re on annual leave today.
Shrug off the guilt, lighten your load
Turn off your notifications and just go play.

Pick them up, drop them off,
It’s getting harder to say goodbye.
This isn’t the way you pictured it would be,
It’s ok to have a little cry.

We’re trying our best, we give it our all,
But sometimes it doesn’t seem enough.
Even with a hands on partner and loads of help,
The interrupted nights of sleep are tough.

A well oiled machine, our morning routine,
Will we be ready on time?
My make up was done, it’s pretty much gone,
Because this morning felt like an uphill climb.

You’re at work now, your focus should be here,
Stop constantly checking your phone.
They’re in good hands, they’re having fun,
Despite you feeling all alone.

The struggle is real, the juggle is too,
The guilt doesn’t seem to subside.
You can’t be everything all at once,
Choosing happiness, that only you can decide

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