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Embrace Equity

An IWD poem to my 2 year old daughter (to read when she’s older)

Professional Development

What a difference 365 days make!

Reflecting on my first year as Head of Responsible Business & Sustainability at Just Eat

Professional Development

When doing nothing was the most important ‘something’ I could do.

Time off between jobs has been so important for my physical and mental health.


The juggle is real and so is the mind talk

Pack their bags, Prep the meals,Head to the shops, you’re out of bread.Don’t be late, there’s chores to do,Even though you’d rather be in bed. He won’t brush his teeth, she’s teething again.Its 5 in the morning, take a deep breath,Don’t get frustrated, speak calmly instead,Use every ounce of patience you have left. Did I… Continue reading The juggle is real and so is the mind talk

Motherhood, Womanhood

6 months later, 16kg lighter! My birthday gift to me.

I set myself a goal, I worked hard, I did it. This is the new me.

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How to prioritise your personal and professional development

My career in energy and sustainability has so far spanned a decade and in that time I’ve grown from being a graduate energy analyst with no practical experience to a senior energy manager with chartered energy manager status. Through thoughtful career development, I’ve managed to climb the corporate ladder, learn valuable life skills and grow… Continue reading How to prioritise your personal and professional development


The honest truth about miscarriage

One in four women experience a miscarriage, the first thing we are told when it happens is 'it's very common'. So common to go through, yet so uncommon to share what it actually entails. So here it is, my raw, open and honest account. I hope it might help prepare the many couples who may… Continue reading The honest truth about miscarriage


8 transferable skills I mastered in my 8 months of maternity leave

My 8 months of maternity leave have absolutely flown by. Before embarking on motherhood, I was nervous that I’d be returning to work having forgotten everything. But, motherhood has given me a new set of transferable skills that I’ll be applying to the workplace as I begin to pursue my career once again. I feel… Continue reading 8 transferable skills I mastered in my 8 months of maternity leave

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A decade dedicated to Energy

In September 2007, as a fresh university graduate, I embarked on a brave new journey into the working world. 10 years on I look back on a decade of working in the energy industry and reflect on 10 key lessons that I will be taking into the next decade of my career. When I graduated… Continue reading A decade dedicated to Energy