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6 months later, 16kg lighter! My birthday gift to me.

I set myself a goal, I worked hard, I did it. This is the new me.


Stronger than ever

I catch my reflection and see you staring back at me. I think of all you’ve had to endure, struggling with what I see. Making me feel insecure. Before you changed, you housed the tiniest of lives, but only for a few weeks that time,and there started a journey full of trauma, an uphill struggle,… Continue reading Stronger than ever


Maternity Leave in Lockdown

This isn’t the way imagined my maternity leave would be. In all honesty, I feel shortchanged.

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Engineering Motherhood

As someone who studied engineering, I have always been very aware of how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is at the heart of everything we do and rely on. The roads we travel, the food we eat and the buildings we live in to name a few. I never imagined that I would call… Continue reading Engineering Motherhood


5 lessons infertility has taught me

From an early age life’s path was laid out to be quite simple. Complete your education, get a well-paid job, marry a good partner and then start your own family. Luckily for me, three out of four of those were in fact quite simple, but it took us nearly three years of heartache to accomplish… Continue reading 5 lessons infertility has taught me


8 transferable skills I mastered in my 8 months of maternity leave

My 8 months of maternity leave have absolutely flown by. Before embarking on motherhood, I was nervous that I’d be returning to work having forgotten everything. But, motherhood has given me a new set of transferable skills that I’ll be applying to the workplace as I begin to pursue my career once again. I feel… Continue reading 8 transferable skills I mastered in my 8 months of maternity leave