8 transferable skills I mastered in my 8 months of maternity leave

110FBD5E-7E91-437F-BCFE-136D29F21DA7.jpegMy 8 months of maternity leave have absolutely flown by. Before embarking on motherhood, I was nervous that I’d be returning to work having forgotten everything. But, motherhood has given me a new set of transferable skills that I’ll be applying to the workplace as I begin to pursue my career once again. I feel supercharged and ready to conquer the corporate world!

  • In these past 8 months, I’ve realised just how many hours there are in the day (possibly because I’m awake for a lot more of them) and through being super organised, I’ve learnt how to get so much more out of every minute. Juggling the role of mother, wife, daughter, friend and homeowner, I’ve become a master at multi-tasking!
  • In this time, I’ve learnt more about myself, understood my emotional resilience better and developed more patience than any training course could have ever taught me. Motherhood is the most challenging, rewarding but underpaid full time job… and now as I return to work, I’ll be doing two jobs with plenty of overtime I’m sure!
  • As a new mum, there was so much to learn so quickly! They say it takes a village… and it was through the power of a fantastic network that I was able to overcome the challenges I faced. By networking with other mums through antenatal classes, friendship circles and on social media I learnt how to openly connect with others.
  • Living on maternity pay can be tough… with another mouth to feed, nappies, clothes, toys and gadgets finding their way onto our shopping list, I became an expert at budgeting and being thrifty. It’s amazing how many bargains are out there if you are willing to put in the time and do the research – even on maternity leave, my spreadsheet skills were in constant use.
  • For possibly the first time in my life, I’ve learnt how to say no! Despite my huge fear of missing out and inert need to please everyone, I’ve learnt how to prioritise and become more thoughtful on what I should say yes to, and when it is best to simply say no.

So, as I return to work with a new set of skills in my arsenal, I’m a little anxious about whether the day job will compare to morning cuddles, rhyme time, swimming lessons and all the other maternity leave fun we have had. Whilst I’m excited about returning to work, it is definitely more of a financial decision than an emotional one to return so soon. But keeping in touch with my manager (even if a lot of it was just about a reality tv show that neither of us should admit we watch) has really helped to make the prospect of transitioning back a lot less daunting. Flexibility will be paramount over the next few months and it really helps to work for a company that understands that.

Here’s to my incredible  8 month long training course! What an amazing life changing experience it has been!

Stronger Than Ever.

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